Diversity Within Young Adult Media


This is a word that tends to come up frequently these days. Such as in the work place, within schools, and even when it comes to discussing politics. Fundamentally, diversity is a means of representation for “the other”. The other being anyone that falls outside the default, which is a white, cis-gendered man or woman from a middle or upper class background. Within the context of Western society, this description has become the default for characters portrayed in western mainstream media.

Being a woman of color and young adult myself, I have a particular interest in diverse representation within young adult media. This ranges from novels, to television, to film, and anything in between. It is incredibly important for all races, genders, and sexualities to be represented, especially within media that is targeted for a younger demographic.

With that being said, the goal of this blog is not to try and needlessly criticize the media that surrounds us, but to deconstruct it and create a conversation about diversity. What can we, as consumers or creators, do to improve things?

That is what I want to explore with this blog. Alongside that, I am going to review things that I read/watch/listen to and occasionally write about my own experiences with writing.

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